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Love is such huge word and yet had a definite and constant thing in the world. Everyone has it no matter what kind of person you are, no matter how old you are for we are created all because of love that is why all of us has innate feeling of love with ourselves and with the love for others. The world is such a mess if love is not around. People will not be as good people as of today if not all because of love. Love plays a vital role in every lives of a person and because of love, there is joy and peace and that makes a better world to live in with. According to Paddington escort.

That is my kind of definition when it comes to love as a whole but with a special someone it is something I am always looking forward to look into with for I have been alone for a longest time since my first girlfriend left me and get in love with some other guy in the neighborhood. Since the incident I started hating the idea of getting in love with someone romantically. It is just a waste of time that is I always think about after the break through of my past relationship. It takes a year for me to realize that life has to move on and get going for there are still so many reasons to live in the world. As a part of my moving on process I give so much focus on my career. Most of the time I do over time for I want to make myself busy that I would be able to remember the pain over and over again and that slowly by slowly time heals the wounds in my heart. I don’t care if there are scars for as long I know it myself that I stand still after the wound healed. That is what it matters to me. I was never a failure in choosing to move forward with my life.

There was one time after I found myself completely healed with my past, my friend invited me to a party, at first I am a kind of hesitant of going for I hated night life so much but there is this something at the back of my mind saying “have it try, there is no harm in trying, at least you have tried” so I accepted the offer and I attended the party. When I was in the venue I have meet some of my old friends in high school and in college, I thought that was the highlight of my night attending that party but I was so wrong. When I was about to go home I saw this gorgeous woman sitting alone in a corner and she seems to be lonely and in tears. I came closer to her and ask her if she is okay and what surprises me is that she hug me so tight and she started crying, I just let her cry to ease the pain that she is feeling. I brought her in a coffee shop and ask her what had happen to her. Only to find out that she was cheated on by his boyfriend. I am kind of shock finding out that we have almost the same situation when I my girlfriend in the past cheated on me.

Instead of morning we decided to enjoy the night and not to talk about pains instead we talk about our personal lives. Her name is Rebecca she is connected with Paddington escorts.  Since that night and onwards we always find time to hang out and I am proud to say that I’m in love with beautiful Rebecca the sensational Paddington escorts. This is the only time I feel this way after the pain that I had in the past. She is the only girl who give me such happiness and joy. There is this something ridiculous feeling once she is with me. I don’t think I could live this longer alone at home without her for all I wanted is to be with her all my life that I would love to spend my life with her for the rest of my life and that I would marry her soon.